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Stop Stooping: Poor Posture, Misalignments and Injury Lead to Tucson Back Pain

Tucson chiropractor provides pain management.jpgMaybe our parents were onto something when they told us to stand up straight. Poor posture is one of the common causes of back pain, as are spinal misalignments, injury and stress. Pain in the upper and lower back is one of the main reasons people visit Carrion Chiropractic Clinic and our Tucson chiropractor has a number of techniques that can help not only alleviate the pain but correct the underlying cause of the agony.

Pain Management Depends on Underlying Cause

Our pain management programs can include several chiropractic techniques that get to the root of the problem. Not standing up straight is a fairly obvious sign of poor posture, but you may also be exhibiting poor posture from habits such as reading in bed, leaning over your computer all day, or otherwise hunching your neck forward for extended periods. Other common causes of pain in the back are misaligned vertebrae known as subluxations and bulging discs, or herniations.

Muscle strains, spasms, sprains or another type of personal injury are often behind the pain. Injuries can occur in muscles overworked from too much activity or even from a simple awkward twist or turn. Whiplash is another injury that often leads to pain in the back and neck areas due to muscle damage in the neck. Pain from whiplash injuries may take weeks or even months to manifest.

Once our chiropractor pinpoints the cause of the pain, we work to alleviate and correct it. Our chiropractic treatments include Diversified/Gonstead, Activator, Thompson, and Palmer techniques, all of which have been effective for correcting spinal issues. Corrective exercises to strengthen muscles can also be part of the plan, as can lifestyle advice that helps prevent pain and injury from recurring in the future. We tailor our programs to each individual, with a focus on correcting underlying issues and helping to ensure total wellness going forward.

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